About us

Serving Howard community for over 25 years.
The Pearl Foundation, Incorporated was incorporated in 1998 under the laws of the State of Maryland as the partner  of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated of Iota Lambda Omega Chapter. Learn about our history, mission, and initiatives below.

The Pearl Foundation, Inc. was incorporated in 1998 under the laws of the State of Maryland in partnership with Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated®, Iota Lambda Omega Chapter. 

The primary purpose of the Pearl Foundation is to raise funds to advance educational and charitable giving goals. Recognizing the need for funding options and the increased cost of higher education, the foundation generates funds from foundation members, other contributors, grants, and various initiatives.

The Pearl Foundation has awarded over $800,000 in scholarships to graduating seniors with high scholastic standing and a demonstrated passion for serving their community. In 2022, the foundation awarded $62,000 in scholarships to 23 Howard County seniors interested in pursuing postsecondary educational opportunities. Award recipients are enrolled institutions such as:

  • Duke University
  • Howard University
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • New York University
  • Stevenson University
  • Temple University 
  • University of Maryland

Educational pursuits include pre-medicine, biology, bioengineering, mechanical engineering, psychology, and performing arts. We are pleased to continue the legacy of supporting students throughout their post-secondary pursuits. 

The Pearl Foundation supports other educational opportunities in Howard County, Maryland. In partnership with Iota Lambda Omega Chapter, the foundation has donated funds to support the Monarch Mills community through the Mathematics, Engineering,  Science Achievement program. The foundation also partners with the Howard County Public School System to fund the annual Youth Leadership Summit, which provides education and college preparation guidance. The foundation pledged $15,000 to the Howard Community College Health Sciences Building and the Silas Craft Memorial Scholarship. Annually, the foundation donates funds to local and global organizations that support cultural awareness and offer services to underserved individuals and families. Contributions to charitable organizations include:

  • A-OK Mentoring
  • Africare
  • Bridges to Housing Stability
  • Filostin School in Haiti
  • Grassroots DAY Resource Center
  • Historically Black Colleges and Universities
  • HopeWorks of Howard County
  • Howard County Center of African American Culture
  • Mathematics, Engineering, and Science Achievement
  • Museum of African Art
  • National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
  • United Negro College Fund

The foundation accepts in-kind services, contributions, and sponsorships from corporations and other organizations to help promote its goals. 

A lifetime of service and education for our youth and community
The Pearl Foundation, Incorporated supports broad educational, charitable, and community service programs that uphold the mission and values of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated®, in the communities we serve.
To The People
By Imani Grace

A case study in pearls:


One. A hard, lustrous spherical mass,

typically white,

formed within the shell of an oyster

or other mollusk and highly prized as a gem.

Two. A person or thing of

great rarity and worth.

Pearl to the people,

twenty-five years in the making

loving, growing, transforming

since 1998

making clear the road to education

and scholastic achievement

Queens recognizing an ever-present need

in a world where the dollar is king

giving keys to those who have had

the doors of opportunity and possibility

slammed shut in their faces

Nurturer, mentor, resource

A legacy of supporting

emerging leaders and

the expansion of young minds

through scholarship and charitable giving

The breeding ground for generations

of doctors, lawyers, engineers, and artists

the catalyst for a brighter future

Open hands and open hearts

building communities through

donation and contribution

Sewing seeds for prodigious trees

bearing fruits of

Family Strengthening,

Environmental Ownership,

Educational Enrichment,

And Health Promotion,

yielding a Global Impact

Pearl to the people,

from President Baker to President Moore,

Meritorious women

veiled in pink and green,

redefining effective leadership,

braving territories uncharted

and reaching new heights

Pearl to the people,

Cultivating a culture where excellence

is the standard

Changing the world

one student at a time,

one community at a time,

one day at a time.

This is not a moment, but a movement

This is not temporary, but a lifetime.

Our Initiatives

Educational Enrichment

We support programs focused on student achievement, self- awareness, communication, engagement, networking and developmental skills. Our scholarship program has awarded over $700,000 to Howard County, Maryland seniors with high scholastic standing and a demonstrated passion for serving their community. The Educational Foundation of Howard Community College was awarded $15,000 to benefit the Silas Craft Endowment Fund.

Health Promotion

Foundation funds provide support for workshops and activities in three areas: Alzheimer’s disease, Stroke and Mental Illness. Donations fund workshop materials and health events.

Family Strengthening

We work with underserved populations through family assistance programs with a focus on fiscal responsibility programs such as home ownership and resource management.

Environmental Ownership

The foundation supports the implementation of high impact programs to provide healthy environments and improve the quality of life in the underserved communities.

Global Impact

The foundation has a strong tradition of funding global organizations such as Africare and the J. A. Clermont Foundation for homeless youth in Haiti.